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Certified Medical Assistant

Program Length: Total Clock Hours: 1200 | Weeks: 60 | Externship Hours: 165

Tuition: $8,000

Books & Supplies: $2,100

Medical Equip & Supplies: $2,800

License Certification: $139

Two Uniform $50

Total Tuition: $13,089


The curriculum provides training in a variety of administrative and clinical tasks to facilitate the work of the physician. Administrative duties include patient communication, computer skills and record keeping. Clinical duties include assisting with examinations, treatments, diagnostic testing, patient education, and preparation and administration of medications.

Learners who complete the Certified Medical Assistant certificate program will:

• Coordinate and facilitate patient care throughout the ambulatory care setting.

• Communicate effectively with patients, supervisors, support personnel, and other healthcare team members using suitable verbal, nonverbal, and written skills

• Perform clerical functions necessary to maintain medical office appointments, transcription and health care records.

• Maintain patient confidentiality.

• Apply basic billing and collection, insurance, coding and managed care guidelines to maintain medical office management.

• Apply knowledge of basic sciences and medical theory to the application and appropriate knowledge of administrative and clinical medical assisting procedures

• Performing laboratory procedures and electrocardiograms

• Perform within legal and ethical boundaries.

• Apply critical and creative thinking and analytical skills to make sound administrative and clinical judgments to enhance patient care.

• Assisting with examinations and treatments.

• The student will be prepared to take and pass the national Certified Medical Assistant (CCMA) exam within one year of completion of the program.

Externship for Certified Medical Assistant Certificate program this course the student will spend time in a clinical setting where they will apply the knowledge, skills, and competencies acquired in the classroom.


18 years or older, GED or High School Diploma, No Criminal background, Physical health screening with TB skin test and CPR Certification is required.

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