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EKG Technicians & CPR

104.5 Hours 6-8 Weeks

Tuition:  $1,850

EKG Technician involves the study of the principles of basic and advanced electrocardiography to prepare the technician to perform non-invasive cardiac testing procedures in a healthcare setting under the supervision of a nurse or physician. It includes basic anatomy and physiology with emphasis on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, interpretation of basic electrocardiograms, the different types of Arrhythmias, as well as interpretation of the EKG tracings of life-threatening  Arrhythmias . It will also teach the student to perform basic electrocardiographic procedures, and perform non-invasive cardiac testing procedures under the supervision of physician or a nurse

This course prepares you for the following certification exam:   

* CET: Certified EKG/ECG Technician from NHA(National Health-Careers Association) or AMCA(American Medical Certification Association)

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