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Nurse Aide & CPR

120 Hours (8-10 Weeks)
80 Hours Theory + 40 Hours Clinical

Tuition:  $1,635

The Nurse Assistant Certificate Program prepares students for employment in long -term care facilities, home health agencies, and hospitals where basic bed side nursing care is needed. Classroom instruction includes an introduction to healthcare, infection control, basic nursing skills, body structure and function, and the job seeking process, within an introduction to computer skills, as it relates to the health care industry. Students participate in clinical activities under the supervision of the instructor. All OBRA (Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) Skill Standards are included into this competency-based curriculum.

Students are required to pass the Illinois State Certification Exam for Certified Nursing Aide to work as such in the State of Illinois. For more information, please visit Illinois Nurse Aide Registry website(

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