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Patient Care Technician with Computer Fundamentals

Program Length: Total Clock Hours: 900 | Weeks: 40 | Externship Hours: 165

Tuition: $5,000

Books & Supplies: $960

Testing Fees: $550

Other Expenses: $1,490

Total Tuition: $8,000


The objective of the program is to prepare students for a variety of job opportunities in the health occupations areas and is designed to meet the need for cross training of employees in health care facilities. The student is trained for entry-level positions in a variety of medical settings including hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes, home health agencies, and other medical facilities. Employment opportunities include performing duties as nursing assistants, home health aide, patient care assistants, electrocardiograph aides, phlebotomist, allied health assistants, and dialysis patient care technicians.

Learners who complete the Patient Care Technician certificate will:

• Differentiate the role and responsibilities of the patient care technician in each health care setting.

• Demonstrate principles and techniques of Standard Precautions, Infection Control, and other related OSHA Standards.

• This course will provide health career students with knowledge of the complex legal/ethical issues raised by contemporary medical practice. It will offer a sound foundation in ethical theory and medical law, with emphasis on practical importance and application. It will further explore relationships between health professionals and their clients, colleagues, and societal institutions.

• Identify various safety and emergency principles as they relate to a health care facility.

• Communicate effectively with patients, their families and other health care professions.

• Properly access and document patient information.

• Demonstrate proper body mechanics when lifting, moving and positioning patients.

• Demonstrate proper techniques for obtaining vital signs, height and weight.

• Students will acquire an understanding of medical terminology and meanings applicable to the structure, function, and diseases of the human body.

• Demonstrate proper techniques when performing various diagnostic procedures such as EKG, Spirometry and Venipuncture as it relates to physician offices, hospitals, and laboratory will be discussed.

• Demonstrate entry-level office skills in the areas of reception, scheduling and word processing.

• Students who have very little experience with computers can learn the basics in this class. The goal of this course is to illustrate how important computers are in modern society and their value in solving problems. Fundamental operations and functions of the computer will be covered. Specific topics include the use of software applications, the Internet, basic computer functions and the proper identification of computer hardware components. Knowledge of Microsoft Office is extremely important when searching for a new job. Many employers expect job seekers to have a basic understanding of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This class typically covers the basics of how to set up a document, use a spreadsheet and create a presentation.

• Students are required to pass the Illinois State Certification Exam for Certified Nursing Aide to work as such in the State of Illinois. For more information, please visit Illinois Nurse Aide Registry website (

• Students are required to pass the American Medical Certification Association(AMCA) National Exam for Patient Care Technician with EKG & Phlebotomy to be qualified as a Patient Care Technician.

• Externship for Patient Care Technician During this course the student will spend time in a clinical setting where they will apply the knowledge, skills, and competencies acquired in the classroom.


18 years or older, GED or High School Diploma , No Criminal background and Physical health screening with TB skin test is required.

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