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Why Chicago  Community Learning Center?

Our Mission at Chicago Community Learning Center is to care for our students and create an educational environment that facilitates strong educational outcomes. Indeed we claim your dreams, goals, and challenges as our own. Regardless of your personal education and career goals, you can count on the caring faculty and staff at CCLC. The Chicago Community Learning Center strives to offer career-oriented and certified training in a variety of areas with a focus on healthcare disciplines. 


The Chicago Community Learning Center goals and objectives are to empower graduates with superior skills and utmost training to be the best allied healthcare professionals they can be:


  • To provide a diverse faculty qualified by education, experience, continuing education and on-going professional development in the medical or allied healthcare field(s) for which they are assigned to teach;

  • To prepare students fully for entry-level employment in the student’s selected allied healthcare field;

  • To enable student attainment of knowledge through lecture, examinations and evaluations;

  • To ensure student achievement of competency-based clinical skills through laboratory training within the institution an clinical training utilizing internship facilities;

  • To assist students in gaining workplace and life skills, study techniques, test taking techniques, and effective utilization of CCLC’s faculty and staff and programs.

  • To prepare students to take the appropriate certification / licensure examinations for their chosen allied healthcare career; and to guide and prepare students or their job search by providing opportunities to learn interviewing techniques, develop electronic communications, and prepare a professional resume.


IBHE Institutional Discloures 2021

IBHE Institutional Discloures 2021 (2)

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